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Fun and Weirdness and Gaming  
No new posts Jokes, Fun, Riddles, Shocking, Nonsense
Any jokes? Any weird incidents? Any urban legends?    
494 4621
No new posts Neverending threads
Threads that never end: Where each post is based on the preceding one.    
81 1810
No new posts Weird news and Must see Videos
852 2470
No new posts PC Games and Online Games
Posts regarding the game section of this site go to the "Forum related" section, not here.    
115 843
Entertainment & Sports  
No new posts Entertainment & Art (Assorted topics)
Assorted art topics    
524 5692
No new posts Songs / Groups you just gotta hear!
Just heard a song and want to tell it others? Saw a fantastic music clip? Have an all-time favorite? Post it here: 1 song per thread, with the song as the topic title, and please mention the genre in the post.    
151 1445
The Matrix Movies
Discuss Matrix related issues here [Link]    
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No new posts Sports topics/news
Topics regarding Body and Health go to the "Body and Health" section    
88 1029
No new posts My own pic, my own art, my short story
Any novel of your own? Any pictures you made yourself? And ideas for movies?    
86 466
No new posts Bush, Kerry, Iraq
Tell me your opinion about anything regarding Bush and the war on terror and the war in Iraq    
448 4147
No new posts Politics and Crime (Assorted topics)
Current political news and events. What happens in your country? What is bad about other countries? Are the taxes too high? Are patents just? Is downloading music stealing or sharing? Any law that makes you angry? Any ideas how the perfect country/government would look like? Would it be a democracy? Would cigarettes be forbidden? Realistic views please!    
296 3352
No new posts Psychiatry and Anti-Psychiatry
Anything regarding psychiatry, anti-psychiatry movements, treatment of mentally ill persons...    
49 522
Religion and Mysteries, from worship to werewolves  
No new posts Religious & Philosophical Topics
Tell your experience and your opinion about various religions, cults and movements. Why is your religion better? Is there a god? What is the purpose of life? Is abortion OK? Should gay marriages be legalized? Are genetical experiments on humans OK?    
309 6886
No new posts UFOs, Chupacabra and Aliens
Discuss mysteries    
46 413
No new posts Conspiracy theories
Did the CIA remote controlled the airplanes into the WTC? Did the CIA kill John F. Kennedy? Debate conspiracy theories.    
43 329
Technology, Computers, Science, Internet  
No new posts Computers and Internet
Posts related to games go into the Games Section, not here.    
191 1988
No new posts Cars and Machines
Cars / Bikes / Planes / Machines that make you go "Hmm...". Pictures and news.    
74 406
No new posts Science (Assorted topics)
1897 3310
No new posts Language, Math and Names
Anything related to language, mathematics or names. Threads that are planned to become neverending go to the "Neverending" forum.    
45 416
No new posts Astonishing pictures: Nature / Cosmos / Animals
Pictures of beautiful people go to the "YUMMY forum", not here. Funny pics go to the "Fun section", not here.    
76 400
No new posts Software by the admin
Topics regarding all software programmed by knn. Post comments and ask for support here.    
193 776
Girls and Boys, Body & Health, Food & Diet, Home & Garden  
No new posts Yummy Girls/Boys [Pictures]
Models, Celebrities, unnamed faces... The way you wish earth's population would look and dress. EVERY thread must start with a picture in it! If you reply to a post then try NOT to include a picture from ANOTHER person. Start a new thread instead. Every thread should have the NAME of the pictured person as the thread title (if you know it)...    
194 1142
No new posts Diets, Medicine, Food, Body, Workout, Sexuality
How to stay fit in your opinion. Do diets work? Should we eat more animal fat or more bread?    
145 1813
Dating and relationships
Discuss dating, marriage, friendship, online personals here [Link].    
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No new posts Home & Garden
37 113
No new posts Gosh, you are annoying!
Is somebody/something annoying you lately? Post it here. One item/celebrity/incident per topic please!    
53 635
No new posts Business & Money
Have a great plan how to make money? Have a talent to offer? Post it here.    
37 177
No new posts Anything that doesn't fit in any other category
If you cannot find a matching category for your message then post it here. Maybe I will invent a new category just for you :-)    
98 968

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